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Dr. GPCR Newsletter July, 2020

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  • Dr. GPCR Podcast: We've launched 3 episodes of the DrGPCR podcast which were listed to over 500 times (and counting). Tune in, catch up on previous episodes and stay tuned for our next episode with Dr. Graciela Pineyro from the University of Montreal.

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1. Interesting GPCR papers published in June 2020 1.1 Crystal structures of the month:

1.2 Cool papers on opioids and opioid receptors:

1.3 Tool to study GPCRs:

1.4 GPCR and Arrestins in Diabetes:

1.5 Some biased signaling papers and much more:

1.6 This month's reviews:

2. What happened in the industry?

3. Useful things to know

  • New AAV serotypes are available for @RothLabUNC. Here is an example 

  • Call for reviewers for pain and opioid folks: John Streicher is looking for experienced postdocs and new faculty to review for PLOS ONE. He is trying to expand the pool of reviewers. Find him on Twitter or at the University of Arizona

4. In the news