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Dr. GPCR Newsletter September, 2020

Hello Readers, Welcome to the September edition of the Dr. GPCR Newsletter! Thank you for subscribing. If you like our newsletter please share it with your colleagues. Here's what we've been working on here at Dr.GPCR:

  • We are excited to bring you the first-ever Dr. GPCR Virtual Summit held from September 14 to 18th, 2020! If you haven't signed up yet, join over  350 of your colleagues who already did. The program is now available!

  • Dr. GPCR Podcast: Starting this month, we will be releasing new podcast episodes each week. Episode#9 with Lauren Celano about career options is now available. Tune in, catch up on previous episodes and stay tuned for our next episodes.

  • Have questions about GPCRs or are you running in issues in the lab or about the summit? Join us in the Dr. GPCR Club on LinkedIn.

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1. Interesting papers published in August 2020

1.1 Receptor activation and signaling

1.2 Structural insights of GPCR function

1.3 GPCRs in neuroscience

1.4 Novel approaches and tools to study GPCR function

1.5 Reviews

2. Industry News

3. Conferences

4. Resources