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Dr. GPCR Newsletter January, 2021

Hello Readers,

2020 was a year of challenges for many of us. As I am writing this and reflect on 2020, I feel grateful for so many blessings that made last year a year of unprecedented self-discovery and innovation while striving to bring the GPCR community closer together.   Thank you to:

  • You (our readers, podcast guests, listeners, the 2020 summit attendees, survey participants, and the 1417 followers on Twitter and 333 followers on LinkedIn).

  • Friends and Collaborators

Here's what we've been working on here at Dr.GPCR:

  • Dr. GPCR Podcast: Stay tuned as our first guest in 2021 will be a world-renowned GPCR scientist. Can you guess who? Mark your calendars for the first week of February 2021! In the meantime, did you listen to our latest episodes?

  • Stay tuned for a new series of monthly events we'll be bringing you in March. More details to follow soon.

  • Did you know you can also become a Dr. GPCR Member? You’ll get your own membership page on and much more!​


1.Interesting papers published in December 2020

1.1 Receptor activation and signaling

1.2 Structural and molecular insights into GPCR function

1.3 GPCRs in Oncology and Immunology

1.4 GPCRs in Cardiology and Endocrinology

1.5 GPCRs in Neuroscience

1.6 Methods in GPCR Research

1.7 GPCR Opinion Pieces

1.8 Reviews

2. Industry news

3. Publication opportunity