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Dr. GPCR Newsletter February, 2022

Hello Readers,

This month we celebrate the second anniversary of the Dr. GPCR Podcast. Two years ago this month, we were recording the first episodes with Dr. Paul Insel and Dr. Terry Hebert.  This was the beginning of a new adventure that turned out to be life-altering for us. And for that, we have our guests and you, our supporters, to thank.  We will have exciting news to share in the upcoming weeks which will bring the GPCR community closer than ever! Stay tuned! While we put the finishing touches on our brand new surprise for you, let's dive into this month's news:

  • Dr. GPCR at the 6th ERNEST meeting: Join us and be the first to hear about our exciting news that will change the face of the GPCR community. Mark your calendars for the upcoming ERNEST meeting held between March 28th and 31st on Zoom and Wonder.

  • Dr. GPCR Podcast:  More fantastic episodes coming your way including from Dr. Antony Boucard, Dr. Graham Ladds, and Dylan Eiger.  Are you going to be our next podcast guest? Scientists at all levels are welcome! Schedule your podcast episode recording here.

  • Dr. GPCR Membership contribution. Some of you may have seen the GPCR focused beautiful pieces of art on social media. Thank you to artists and scientists Chahat Soni and  Jagannath Maharana both graduate students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, for sharing their art.

  • Dr. GPCR Summit Survey:  Mark your calendar, the 3rd edition of the Dr. GPCR Summit will be held between October 10th and 16th. Help us organize the next Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 for you! Please take a moment to fill out the Summit Survey today! The 2021 Summit talks are now available to view on our YouTube Channel. Don't forget to subscribe!


1. Interesting papers published in January 2022

1.1 Receptor activation and signaling

1.2 Structural and molecular insights into GPCR function

1.3 GPCRs in Oncology and Immunology

1.4 GPCRs in Cardiology & Endocrinology

1.5 GPCRs in Neuroscience

1.6 Methods & Updates in GPCR Research

1.7 GPCR Binders, Drugs, and More

1.8 Reviews

2. Industry news

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