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Dr. GPCR Newsletter November, 2023

Hello Readers,

Welcome to our monthly Dr. GPCR Newsletter!

This month, in the video edition of the newsletter, our guest is Dr. Alix Rouault.

Let's dive into the news.

Dr. GPCR Symposia 2023

Thank you for joining us at the Dr.GPCR Symposia of 2023

We are already working on the 2024 program. Do you want to share your work? Please email us at with the title of the Symposium in the subject line.

Dr.GPCR Symposia 2024:

  • March 15th - GPCR Activation and Signaling

  • June 07th - Structural and Molecular Insights in GPCR Function

  • October 11th - GPCRs as Therapeutic Modalities

Are you a Premium Member? You can re-watch every 2023 symposium recording on demand! Go to our website, look for the talks you are interested in, and enjoy them.

Did you participate in our Symposia? Take 2 minutes to fill out this survey and let us know what you liked, what you didn’t, and what we can do better.

Dr.GPCR University

We are currently working on the Dr. GPCR University Program to provide courses and content on all aspects of GPCR research to support our community.

Our first course will be held live starting in January 2024 by none other than Dr. Terry Kenakin!!! More details, including the registration form, will come in December 2023. Come back soon to our page.

If you'd like to help develop or be informed about when the courses become available, take 2 minutes to answer this Google Form. The community will have the chance to vote for the top 3 courses, and the winner will get a cash prize.

Dr. GPCR Podcast

As a premium Dr. GPCR Ecosystem member, you can always watch the video recordings of these episodes before they get released to the general public. You won’t have to wait weeks for the recordings to be available.

Have you watched our most recent podcast series of conversations with Dr. Richard Premont? Learn more about the history of GPCRs from a renowned expert on pivotal discoveries, breakthroughs, and the incredible individuals who have shaped the study of GPCRs throughout the years.

Are you up to date with all the episodes? The next Dr.GPCR Podcast episodes are with Neil Grimsey and Katarzyna Marcinkiewicz.

The GPCR Retreat was an incredible experience! Listen to our interviews to hear what Kathleen Caron, Lauren Slosky, Irfan Dhanidina, Khaled Abdelrahman, Victoria Rasmussen, and Madelyn Moore had to say about the talks, the venue, the networking opportunities, and the work presented at the meeting.

Dr. GPCR Jobs

Are you looking to hire? Are you looking for a job? We’ve got you covered! Contact our Chief Matchmaker, Mark Schmeizl, to save you time finding the ideal solution.

Mark specializes in connecting companies with talented individuals or individuals with their dream jobs, ensuring a perfect match for both candidates and employers. Whether seeking a new challenge or aiming for a career change, Mark's expertise can guide you toward exciting opportunities in your desired field.

Visit the Dr. GPCR Jobs section and get in touch with Mark. You can also get to know him by listening to podcast episode #55, where he joined Dr. Yamina Berchiche for a chat. 

Dr. GPCR Ecosystem membership

To explore what the Ecosystem offers, we recommend you sign up for free site membership and use the footer to navigate and get acquainted with your virtual playground.

We are now launching a monthly payment option for our Premium Members. Renew your Dr.GPCR membership for 2024 with a more comfortable option. 

If you’d like to register your lab/team or live in a developing country, please reach out, and we will help you join us at a special price.

Ecosystem Partners

We thank Domain Therapeutics, GPCR Therapeutics, Design Pharmaceuticals, Montana Molecular, and Orion Biotechnology for supporting Dr. GPCR Ecosystem in 2023. If your organization would like to become a partner, contact us here.