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Dr. Katarina Nemec

About Dr. Katarina Nemec

"I am a pharmacist with an interest in systems pharmacology and precision medicine. Since my undergraduate studies, I have been engaged in researching molecular mechanisms that govern human (patho-)physiology and their interplay with drugs. I aim to discover new therapeutic approaches, and druggable molecules or refine canonical drug targets to create drugs with fewer adverse effects.

I studied Pharmacy at the University in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and at the University of Bonn, Germany, working initially on the role of prostaglandin receptor EP4 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia. During my PhD studies in Martin Lohse lab at the Max Delbrueck Center in Berlin, I consolidated my knowledge of GPCRs pharmacology while performing various cell-based experiments to understand the binding, activation, and signaling of therapeutically relevant GPCRs. In addition, I generated various optical biosensors based on fluorescence or bioluminescence resonance energy transfer technologies (FRET, BRET) that were used for functional screens with state-of-the-art microscopy and high throughput screening to explain novel ways of GPCR modulation.

I am continuing with the development of advanced screening approaches in the Madan Babu lab to progress in the understanding of spatiotemporal regulation of biased GPCR activation and signaling. I want to combine experimental approaches with data-driven discovery and adopt data science methodology to tackle relevant scientific questions on the systems pharmacology level."

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