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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Dr. Silvia Sposini

About Dr. Silvia Sposini

"I'm originally from Rome, Italy, where I studied Biological Sciences as a BSc student. I moved to London as a short experience (3 months) during my MSc but I ended up staying for a full year and and a PhD! During my time in London I investigated regulatory mechanisms of GPCR action, namely dimerization and membrane trafficking, in Dr Aylin Hanyaloglu's lab at Imperial College London. In 2018 I got married and moved to France, to join the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neurosciences in Bordeaux. Still working on GPCR trafficking but this time in neurons. In 2021 I became mum of a gorgeous baby girl, Elena. I am currently funded by a postdoctoral fellowship from Wellcome Trust, working on a collaborative project (Dr Hanyaloglu's lab at ICL + Dr Perrais' lab at IINS) focused on understanding the interplay between GPCR signalling and trafficking in neurons using microscopy and proteomics based techniques."

Dr. Silvia Sposini on the web

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