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Comparative analysis of the occupancy of Histone H3 Lysine 4 methylation in the cells treated with TGFβ and Interferonγ

Published date

June 28, 2023


"In this current study, we have compared our H3K4me3 Chip-Sequencing data in PC3 cells in response to 6h and 24h TGFβ stimulation with the IFNγ stimulated/unstimulated HeLa S3 cells Since both TGFβ and IFNγ play an essential role in tumorigenesis both as a tumor promoter and tumor suppressor and known to antagonize each other's signalling, it would be of utmost importance to find out the regions undergoing histone modification changes in response to TGFβ and IFNγ and compare them to explore the genes common to both as well as the specific for each ligand. Our study has compared the genes showing H3K4me3 occupancy in response to both TGFβ and IFNγ. Several genes were found to be shared between the TGFβ and IFNγ. DAVID Functional enrichment analysis in the TGFβ and IFNγ dataset revealed association of genes with different biological processes such as miRNA-mediated gene silencing, positive regulation of ERK cascade, hypoxia-induced apoptosis repression, translational regulation and molecular functions such as TGFβR activity, GPCR activity, TGFβ binding activity. Further analysis of these genes can reveal fascinating insights into epigenetic regulation by growth factor stimulation."

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