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Emerging GPCR targets for AUD: Insights from preclinical studies

Published date

July 5, 2024


"G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest group of membrane receptors in the central nervous system and one of the key proteins for signal transduction between cells. Currently, many drugs available on the market act via GPCRs and these receptors remain attractive targets for the treatment of brain disorders, including alcohol use disorder (AUD). Here, we describe the most recent literature, with a primary focus on the past 5 years, on GPCR targets with the potential for reducing behaviours associated with excessive alcohol intake. Specifically, we focus on preclinical evidence of compounds with attractive pharmacological profiles and potential for future clinical investigation for the treatment of AUD."


Roberta Goncalves Anversa, Maiya L Barron, Leigh C Walker, Andrew J Lawrence

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