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Role and recent progress of P2Y12 receptor in cancer development

Published date

June 14, 2024


"P2Y12 receptor (P2Y12R) is an adenosine-activated G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) that plays a central role in platelet function, hemostasis, and thrombosis. P2Y12R activation can promote platelet aggregation and adhesion to cancer cells, promote tumor angiogenesis, and affect the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME) and tumor drug resistance, which is conducive to the progression of cancers. Meanwhile, P2Y12R inhibitors can inhibit this effect, suggesting that P2Y12R may be a potential therapeutic target for cancer. P2Y12R is involved in cancer development and metastasis, while P2Y12R inhibitors are effective in inhibiting cancer. However, a new study suggests that long-term use of P2Y12R inhibitors may increase the risk of cancer and the mechanism remains to be explored. In this paper, we reviewed the structural and functional characteristics of P2Y12R and its role in cancer. We explored the role of P2Y12R inhibitors in different tumors and the latest advances by summarizing the basic and clinical studies on the effects of P2Y12R inhibitors on tumors."


Yanni Xi, Zhenya Min, Mianxue Liu, Xueqin Li, Zhao-Hua Yuan 


P2Y12R, P2Y12R inhibitors, Platelets, Tumor, Tumor microenvironment 

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