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  • Regulators of G-protein signaling: essential players in GPCR signaling

    In addition to the RGS domain, RGS proteins also contain a range of other structural motifs that are : Recent studies have revealed that the interaction between RGS proteins and GPCRs is mediated by a range of RGS protein dysregulation in disease: The Dysregulation of RGS proteins has been implicated in a range The dysregulation of these proteins has been implicated in a range of diseases, and understanding the Wang, Q., L.Y. Liu-Chen, and J.R.

  • Artificial intelligence – faster, smarter, cheaper GPCR drug discovery

    to predict subtype-selective ligands for dopamine receptors and adenosine receptors (He, Ben, Kuang, Wang & Kong, 2016; Kuang, Feng, Hu, Wang, He & Kong, 2016). 5.

  • Chemokine receptor-targeted drug discovery: progress and challenges

    The chemokine receptor system is implicated in a wide range of inflammatory, autoimmune and infectious binding, as well as G-protein coupling or interaction with other signaling molecules (Sohy et al. 2009; Wang protein-protein interactions which are difficult to modulate using small molecules (Sohy et al. 2009; Wang

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