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  • Keratinocyte-derived defensins activate neutrophil-specific receptors Mrgpra2a/b to prevent skin...

    prevent skin dysbiosis and bacterial infection "Healthy skin maintains a diverse microbiome and a potent immune This signaling axis was required for effective neutrophil-mediated skin immunity and microbiome homeostasis combating S. aureus infections and the formation of neutrophil abscesses, a hallmark of antibacterial immunity release of IL-1β and CXCL2 which are vital for proper amplification and propagation of the antibacterial immune

  • A central alarm system that gates multi-sensory innate threat cues to the amygdala

    Previous findings suggest that parallel pathways independently relay innate threat signals from different Yet little is known about whether and how multi-sensory innate threat cues are integrated and conveyed The identification of unified innate threat pathways may provide insights into developing therapeutic candidates for innate fear-related disorders."

  • C3aR plays both sides in regulating resistance to bacterial infections

    bioactive C3a, a product of C3 cleavage, which interacts with membrane-bound receptor C3aR to regulate innate immune cell function and outcome of bacterial infection. research has identified mechanistically distinct and cell type–specific roles for C3aR in regulating innate immune cell inflammatory state, antimicrobial killing capacity, and metabolism.

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  • Deletion of macrophage Gpr101 disrupts their phenotype and function dysregulating host immune responses in sterile and infectious inflammation

    < GPCR News < GPCRs in Oncology and Immunology Deletion of macrophage Gpr101 disrupts their phenotype and function dysregulating host immune responses in sterile and infectious inflammation Published date Koenis , Maria Gonzalez-Nunez , Ana Chopo-Pizarro , Jesmond Dalli Tags Acute inflammation , GPCR , Innate immunity , Macrophages , Resolution , Specialized pro-resolving mediators. Research GPCRs in Neuroscience GPCRs in Cardiology, Endocrinology, and Taste GPCRs in Oncology and Immunology

  • 21-03 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    stabilizes distinct conformations in the M2 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor 1.3 GPCRs in Oncology and Immunology Super-Resolution, and Functional Analysis of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Behavior Within the T Cell Immunological taste receptor T2R14 detects quorum sensing molecules from cariogenic Streptococcus mutans and mediates innate immune responses in gingival epithelial cells Paroxetine-mediated GRK2 inhibition is a disease-modifying outputs The contribution of gut bacterial metabolites in the human immune signaling pathway of non-communicable

  • 21-08 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company committed to discovering and developing innovative treatments for immuno-oncology temozolomide through CCL5-CCR5 paracrine signaling Calcium signaling induces a partial EMT Deficiency of innate immunity against P. aeruginosaenhances behavioral avoidance via the HECW-1/NPR-1 module in C. Head of Pre-clinical team Bristol Myers Squibb exercises option to develop Exscientia’s AI-designed, immune-modulating Pharmacology to Open Up New Therapeutic Strategies Biacore™ SPR machine learning journey GPCRs in oncology and immuno-oncology

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