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  • NPFF stimulates human ovarian cancer cell invasion by upregulating MMP-9 via ERK1/2 signaling

    < GPCR News < GPCRs in Oncology and Immunology NPFF stimulates human ovarian cancer cell invasion by However, to date, the expression and/or function of NPFF/NPFFR2 in EOC is undetermined. The TaqMan probe-based RT-qPCR showed that NPFF and NPFFR2 were expressed in three human EOC cells, CaOV3 In comparison, NPFF and NPFFR2 expression levels were higher in SKOV3 cells than in CaOV3 or OVCAR3 cells NPFF treatment upregulates matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) expression.

  • A GPCR-neuropeptide axis dampens hyperactive neutrophils by promoting an alternative-like polarization during bacterial infection

    Mrgpra1-mediated signaling was driven by its ligand, neuropeptide FF (NPFF), which dictated the balance Specifically, the Mrgpra1-NPFF axis counter-regulated interferon (IFN) γ-mediated neutrophil polarization Distinct, cross-regulated populations of neutrophils were the primary source of NPFF and IFNγ during As a subset of neutrophils at steady state expressed NPFF, these findings could have broad implications , Aishwarya Atakkatan , Felipe Andrade , Stephane Lajoie , Xinzhong Dong Tags IFNγ , Mrgpra1 GPCR , NPFF

  • Neutrophils are itching to specialize

    In this issue of Immunity, Gour et al. demonstrate that the GPCR Mrgpra1 and the neuropeptide NPFF, molecules

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