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  • Immunomodulatory Role of Neuropeptides in the Cornea

    Corneal nerves produce various neuropeptides that have a wide range of functions on immune cells. As research in this area expands, further insights are made into the role of neuropeptides and their , which is likely due to complex interactions among neuropeptides, receptor isoform-specific signaling However, progress in this area has led to an increase in studies that have begun modulating neuropeptide This review focuses on the role of neuropeptides in maintaining the homeostasis of the ocular surface

  • Comparative study of neuropeptide signaling systems in Hemiptera

    October 2022 "Numerous physiological processes in insects are tightly regulated by neuropeptides and Although they form an ancient signaling system, there is still a great deal of variety in neuropeptides Neuropeptides and their receptors have been documented in many hemipteran insects, but the differences Here, 33 neuropeptide precursors and 48 putative neuropeptide G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) genes This research provides more knowledge on neuropeptide systems and sets the groundwork for the creation

  • Neuropeptide S Encodes Stimulus Salience in the Paraventricular Thalamus

    Here we report that neuropeptide S (NPS) signaling in the PVT is necessary for stimulus salience encoding

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