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  • Ep 127 with Dr. Evi Kostenis

    Evi Kostenis About Dr. Evi Kostenis "Pharmacist by training - PhD in Pharmacology - Postdoc at the NIH with Dr. Evi Kostenis on the web University of Bonn ResearchGate LinkedIn Dr.

  • 23-08 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Our next podcast guests are Françoise Bachelerie , Evi Kostenis , and Ilana Kotliar Dr.GPCR at Great

  • Dr. GPCR Summit 2021 Live Talks

    PM Learn More >> FR900359: nature’s weapon and treasure trove for basic and translational research Evi Kostenis September 17, 2021 at 5:00:00 PM Learn More >> Molecular basis of adhesion GPCR activation

  • 21-11 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Yeast α-factor Receptor Detected by Fluorescent Energy Transfer Between Ligands Structural Basis of WLS/Evi-Mediated