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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Dr. Samuel Hoare

About Dr. Samuel Hoare

Sam completed his Ph.D. in biochemistry, studying allosteric modulation of dopamine receptors, from the University of Kent, United Kingdom. He then moved to the National Institute of Mental Health, researching pharmacological mechanisms of Class B GPCRs as part of his postdoctoral training.

Today, Sam is a pharmacology data analyst and the founder of Pharmechanics LLC, a consultancy and data analysis company supporting pharmaceutical, life science, and academic scientists in the development of new therapeutics and the understanding of receptor systems. As an industry pharmacologist, he consults with numerous pharma and biotechs in understanding and applying in vitro pharmacology data to advance drug discovery. He specializes in kinetic analysis of drug action and is known for applying binding kinetics to the development of effective therapeutics, particularly GPCR antagonists.

Before founding Pharmechanics in 2016, Dr. Hoare was a pharmacology leader in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years at Neurocrine Biosciences. He guided the in vitro biology efforts of the company for numerous drug discovery campaigns. Sam is known for demystifying complicated and newly-emerging pharmacology concepts, enabling them to be applied by project teams in optimizing new molecules.

I very much enjoyed chatting with Sam about his love for GPCRs, kinetics, and decorticate the complexities of GPCR function to better target receptors.

Dr. Samuel Hoare on the web

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