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About Dr. GPCR Ecosystem

We bring the GPCR community to fuel GPCR drug discovery one receptor at a time.
The goal is to increase understanding of GPCR function and discover better drugs together.

About Us: About Us

Founded in 2020, we decided to bring together the GPCR community and break down any barriers separating our field. 


We aspire to provide opportunities to connect, grow, and thrive together as a dynamic group. The goal is to better understand and exploit the druggability of GPCRs, together.


To join the community you must be related to the GPCR field.


Once in the Dr. GPCR Ecosystem, you’ll get to:


  • Interact with the members and partners to help you find:

    • Answers to any GPCR related questions

    • Collaborators

    • Consultants

    • Partners

    • Mentors

    • Your next position

  • Free access to the Dr. GPCR programs including the:

    • Summit

    • Virtual Cafe 

    • Listening to podcast episodes before these are released to the general public

    • Newsletter 

    • Job board

Looking to partner with us? Join us today and you’ll get to:


  • Interact directly with your target audience

  • Access to all member perks for your entire team

  • Add your product and service listings

  • Help shape the GPCR field

About Dr. GPCR Podcast

Meet the Team

Committed to Our Cause

We’re very proud of the diversity of our team, and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success. Find out more about some of our leaders and volunteers below.

Yamina Dr.GPCR.png

Dr. Yamina Berchiche

Founder & Director

Attila Dr.GPCR.png

Attila Foris

Brainstorm Officer

Andreina Dr.GPCR.png

Andreína Martín

Project & Social Media Manager

Ivanna DrGPCR.png

Ivanna Rey

Executive Assistant

Ines Dr.GPCR.png

Dr. Inês Pinheiro

Business Development & Scientific Associate 

Monserrat Dr.GPCR.png

Dr. Monserrat Avila Zozaya

Business Development & Scientific Associate 

Ya Tzu-Li Dr.GPCR.png

Ya-Tzu Li

Business Development & Scientific Associate 

Cam Dr.GPCR.png

Cam Sinh Lu

Business Development & Scientific Associate 

John Dr.GPCR.png

Dr. John Teye Azietaku

Business Development & Scientific Associate 

Balint Dr.GPCR (2).png

Balint Bajnoczki

Video & Podcast Editor

Mark Dr.GPCR.png

Mark Schmeizl

Chief Matchmaker

About Us: Team