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  • Accelerating GPCR Drug Discovery With Conformation-Stabilizing VHHs

    GPCRs continue to be regarded as one of the most tractable classes of drug targets and are targeted by 30%–40% of current drugs (Hauser et al., 2017), with annual sales of GPCR-targeting drugs in 2018 accounting Despite this high number of GPCR targeted drugs, only a small portion (∼110) of the human GPCRome (consisting of approximately 850 GPCRs) has been successfully drugged, and obtaining highly potent and selective Read more at the source #DrGPCR #GPCR #IndustryNews

  • Artificial intelligence – faster, smarter, cheaper GPCR drug discovery

    of novel drugs, optimize drug design processes, and enhance the understanding of GPCR biology. De novo drug design: AI algorithms can generate new molecules with desired properties, such as binding Multi-target drug design: GPCRs are often involved in complex signaling networks. With the revolution of biased signalling of GPCRs comes the possibility of designing drugs that selectively the process, optimizing drug design, and improving success rates.

  • Allosteric modulation of GPCRs: From structural insights to in silico drug discovery

    of the prime targets for marketed drugs. While traditional drug discovery programs have focused on the development of ligands targeting the binding current strategies for the identification of allosteric sites as well as ligand-based and structure-based drug discovery and design." Read more at the source #DrGPCR #GPCR #IndustryNews

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  • 21-06 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    GPCR news. Dr. function Evolving cryo-EM structural approaches for GPCR drug discovery Correlated Motions of Conserved inhibition Structure-guided Design of G Protein-coupled Receptor Polypharmacology Aging-associated deficit Sosei Heptares announces that the third novel drug candidate from its multi-target drug discovery collaboration Drug Design, June 22, 2021 4.

  • 22-02 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    GPCR at the GPCR-Targeted Drug Discovery Summit 2022 : Now running digital between March 22nd and 24th Enabling QTY Server for Designing Water-Soluble α-Helical Transmembrane Proteins. Binders, Drugs, and More ​​Disrupting GPCR Complexes with Smart Drug-like Peptides. In Silico Prediction and Validation of CB2 Allosteric Binding Sites to Aid the Design of Allosteric Modulators Resources TeachOpenCADD - A teaching platform for computer-aided drug design Previous Subscribe to our

  • Ep 98 with Dr. GPCR Team

    As a young researcher fascinated by chemokine receptors, molecular pharmacology, drug discovery, and adhesion GPCRs. GPCR, an ecosystem designed to bring together stakeholders interested in using G-Protein Coupled Receptors (GPCRs), that control virtually everything in the body, as drug targets. GPCR is to accelerate GPCR drug discovery by sharing the latest research and technology advances in the

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