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  • GPCRs in Pharmacology

    This comprehensive course is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of key concepts in pharmacology, offering a nuanced understanding of drug interactions and mechanisms of action. The curriculum is divided into four modules, each focusing on essential aspects of pharmacological principles. Whether you are a healthcare professional, researcher, or student in the life sciences, this course will enhance your knowledge and critical thinking skills in the field of pharmacology.

  • Dr. GPCR Ecosystem 2.0

    GPCR Ecosystem.

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  • Posttranslational modifications in GPCR internalization

    August 2022 "G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest family of membrane receptors that serve Classically, GPCR internalization has been considered to lead to receptor desensitization. Here, this review summarizes different PTMs in GPCR internalization and analyzes their significance in , which will offer new insights into the regulatory mechanism of GPCR signaling and novel drug targets Read more at the source #DrGPCR #GPCR #IndustryNews

  • Mark Schmeizl - Dr. GPCR Podcast

    GPCR podcast is now available! Our guest is Mark Schmeizl! Listen where you get your podcasts #drgpcr #gpcr #podcast

  • Quantifying the kinetics of GPCR signaling

    Join us and learn how to quantify your kinetic GPCR signaling from the expert himself: Dr. #gpcr #drgpcr #virtualcafe

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  • 21-03 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    GPCR: Dr. GPCR Virtual Cafe : The first talk will take place on March 26th from 11 am EST. Dr. GPCR Summit talks are available on YouTube? Did you know you can also become a Dr. GPCR Member ? triggers caspase-dependent RIIβ subunit degradation via Ser114 phosphorylation Loss of a water-mediated network Cognitive Behaviors His452Tyr Polymorphism in the human 5-HT2A receptor affects clozapine-induced signaling networks heterogeneity from single particle cryo-EM BOW-GBDT: A GBDT Classifier Combining With Artificial Neural Network

  • Dr. GPCR Symposia | Dr. GPCR Ecosystem

    GPCR Symposia Next Symposia Events Past Symposia Events Welcome to the Dr. GPCR Symposia. GPCR Summit with the following goals: Increase the number of events during the calendar year to meet more frequently Provide more topic-specific events to the GPCR community Similar to the DrGPCR Summit for all Ecosystem members, you need to have a free membership Have a dedicated 2-hour virtual poster/networking - 8 am to 9:30 am EST 15 minutes break Session 2 - 9:45 am to 11: 15 am EST 15 minutes break Poster/Networking

  • Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 | Dr. GPCR Ecosystem

    GPCR Summit 2022 Dr. will be available for the best trainee talks and posters ​ We are also trying out a few new things: Networking GPCR Summit Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 Schedule Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 Details Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 Pre-Recorded Talks Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 Live Talks Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 Submit Poster Presentation for Dr. GPCR Summit 2022

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