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Job Opportunity Spotlight #1: Principal Scientist, In Vitro Pharmacology

Hello Dr. GPCR ecosystem members!  As Chief Matchmaker, I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Beth Fleck, Director of In Vitro Pharmacology at Crinetics Pharmaceuticals.  Beth is also the hiring manager for their open Principal Scientist, In Vitro Pharmacology role posted in the Dr. GPCR ecosystem.  Our conversation provided additional insight you cannot find in a job description, so I thought I’d share this insight with you.


Mark:  “Beth, why did you decide to join Crinetics?”

Beth:  “I was invited to join Crinetics a few years ago by some former colleagues and their description of the company was very intriguing: a biology focused, small molecule focused, smaller drug discovery company with a great work environment.  Crinetics hires people with big brains and small egos.”


Mark:  “Have you found this to be accurate?”

Beth:  “Yes.  There are a lot of learning opportunities at Crinetics.  We collaborate and cross-pollenate a lot.”


Mark:  “So, what are the qualities of the perfect candidate for the Principal Scientist role?”

Beth:  “We are looking for a thinker and problem solver who is able to learn.  Someone with strong assay development skills as well as strong data analysis and interpretation skills.”


Mark:  “Are there particular assay types of interest?”

Beth:  “We focus on biochemical, cell based, and radioligand binding assays to enable SAR, MOA, lead optimization, and new target discovery.  Top candidates will have a solid foundation in GPCR pharmacology as well as some experience in drug discovery.”


Mark:  “Beth, why would someone want you as their boss?”

Beth:  “Well, I enjoy training and mentoring team members.  I keep an open door and you’ll find me among the team in the lab quite often.  There’s comradery and open exchange in our team and I strive to provide learning opportunities for career development.”


So, if you are looking for an on-site opportunity in San Diego and Beth’s comments sound good to you, please reach out to me at or 860-325-3505 and we can dig a bit deeper.




Chief Matchmaker at Dr. GPCR

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