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Dr. GPCR Symposia

Next Symposia Events

GPCRs as Therapeutic Modalities
Structural and Molecular Insights
GPCR Activation and Signaling

Past Symposia Events

GPCRs in Immunology and Oncology
GPCR Activation and Signaling
GPCRs as Therapeutic Modalities
Recent Advances in Understanding Challenging GPCRs
Structural and Molecular Insights into GPCR Activation

Welcome to the Dr. GPCR Symposia.

We have decided to launch this virtual series of 1-day symposia as an alternative to the successful Dr. GPCR Summit with the following goals:

  • Increase the number of events during the calendar year to meet more frequently 

  • Provide more topic-specific events to the GPCR community 

Similar to the DrGPCR Summit, all our events are: 

  • Virtual and held on Zoom

  • Free to attend for all Ecosystem members, you need to have a free membership

  • Have a dedicated 2-hour virtual poster/networking component held on Zoom Breakout Rooms

  • Talks will be available for later viewing for the Ecosystem’s premium members indefinitely (pending speaker permission)

Everyone in the community is welcome to attend, present posters, and request to be considered as a speaker.

Each event is designed to have a similar schedule as follows:

  • Session 1 - 8 am to 9:30 am EST

    • 15 minutes break

  • Session 2 - 9:45 am to 11: 15 am EST

    • 15 minutes break

  • Poster/Networking on Zoom Breakout Rooms

  • Session 3 - 2 pm to 3: 30 pm EST

    • 15 minutes break

  • Session 4 - 3: 45 pm to 5:15 pm EST