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  • 24-04 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Sam Hoare . Stay tuned for MAJOR news in May. Let’s dive into the news. Dr. Sam Hoare on Advanced data analysis for GPCR pharmacology, which will be held on Thursdays between May Hoare, according to his availability Access to the cohort’s Dr. Hoare and your classmates Access to the course materials and recordings once the course is completed Hoare and Dr.

  • Advanced data analysis for GPCR pharmacology

    Samuel Hoare < Back to GPCR courses Main objectives: Learning how to perform advanced GPCR pharmacology Sessions will include a one-hour live lecture plus one hour of Q&A and discussion. Hoare during or after the four weeks, scheduled according to the professor's availability. Samuel Hoare Sam Hoare is a pharmacology data analyst with 30 years experience in GPCR pharmacology. Sam is an editor at the NIH Assay Guidance Manual.

  • 24-02 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Sam Hoare as our instructor. You’ll learn how to analyze your data like a pro with Dr. Hoare. Dr.

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