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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Chloe Hicks

About Chloe Hicks

Chloe Hicks will graduate from Duke University this spring with a B.S degree in Biology with a concentration in Pharmacology. She has been an undergraduate student member in the Rajagopal Lab since January 2021 and has contributed to multiple projects exploring the underlying mechanisms of biased signaling at chemokine receptor 3 (CXCR3). These previous endeavors involved exploring the effect of subcellular location on the signaling profile of CXCR3’s three endogenous biased ligands, elucidating the role of site-specific receptor phosphorylation in the differential signaling outputs of biased agonists, and demonstrating the ligand specificity behind GRK recruitment to endosomes upon receptor internalization. She is currently working on her senior thesis which involves identifying the non-canonical signaling effectors involved in the activation of Atypical Chemokine Receptor 3 (ACKR3), a receptor which does not couple to G protein and has been shown to maintain its activation in the absence of β-arrestin.

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