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  • Co-activation of GPCRs facilitate GIRK-dependent current

    Each of these receptors activates G protein-coupled inwardly rectifying potassium (GIRK) channels. have shown that co-activation using saturating concentrations of agonists results in occlusion of the GIRK The results indicate that a low tonic level of G βγ results in facilitation of GIRK current and a high The results suggest that the cooperative interaction between G βγ subunits and GIRK channels determines Activation of either D2 or GABAB receptors also acutely desensitized the GIRK channel current induced

  • 📰 GPCR Weekly News, January 30 to February 5, 2023

    Therapeutics to Participate in Upcoming Investor and Industry Conferences International Day of Women and Girls

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  • Ep 106 with Dr. Bruno Giros

    Bruno Giros About Dr. Bruno Giros Dr. Giros' lab investigates how molecular changes at the nerve synapse might impact integrated behavior and Giros created the INSERM/CNRS laboratory on the "Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders," first in Créteil Bruno Giros has trained 59 master's, doctoral and postdoc students, most of his trainees obtain positions Bruno Giros on the web Dougles Research Center LinkedIn Google Scholar Researchgate Dr.

  • 23-02 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Bruno Giros and Roger Sunahara . Dr.

  • 23-05 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Bruns , Paul Gasser , Shivani Sachdev and Pierre Eftekhari . Dr.

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