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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Dr. Yamina Berchiche

About this episode

GPCRs have played a central role in my scientific career ever since I took Dr. Michel Bouvier’s class as an undergraduate student at the University of Montreal in early 2000. During the past 2 decades, my research mainly focused on chemokine receptor structure/function relationships. For the purposes of this presentation, I will walk you through my various career experiences and include the skills I learned during each experience, which ultimately led me to found Dr. GPCR. Last, I will give an overview of the various programs we established at Dr. GPCR, present our team as well as provide you with a sneak peek of our future podcast guests and more.

I gave a talk on October 12th at the 3rd ERNEST meeting about the Dr.GPCR Ecosystem. I want to say thank you to the ERNEST meeting organizers for the invitation with special thanks to Dr. Martha Summer and Dr. Alexander Hauser, and Luise Wagner.

For more information about the ERNEST network, visit

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