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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Dr. Mark Connor

About Dr. Mark Connor

Undergraduate BSc with Honours in Pharmacology from University of Sydney (1987, snake neurotoxins), Ph.D. from Department of Pharmacology, University of Washington (1992, mentor Charley Chavkin, sigma receptors). Postdoc with Graeme Henderson (Bristol, opioids and Ca signaling) and Mac Christie (Sydney, opioids in neurons, novel spider toxins). Grant-funded independent research positions from 2001 at University of Sydney (opioids and sensory neurons), Vollum Institute Portland (visiting scientist with Ed McCleskey, sensory neuron properties); Pain Management Research Institute (more opioids, cannabinoids and T-type Ca channels) and Brain and Mind Research Institute (Sydney). 2009, appointed Professor of Pharmacology at Macquarie University. Focus on study of drugs and toxins on GPCR (opioid, cannabinoid receptor) and ion channel (K, Ca, TRP channel) function; mostly electrophysiology and fluorescence-based reporters, but can grind and bind. Currently pursuing molecular pharmacology of phytocannabinoids and novel synthetic cannabinoids, with a focus on efficacy and novel targets. Interested in orthosteric and allosteric interactions, and still looking for some bias ... anywhere ... these days human only.

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