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GPR108 is required for gambogic acid inhibiting NF-κB signaling in cancer

September 2022

"GPCRs are the most potential targets for drug discovery, however, their role in oncology is underappreciated and GPCR-based anti-cancer drug is not fully investigated. Herein, we identified GPR108, a GPCR protein described in innate immune system, is a potential therapeutic target of cancer. Depletion of GPR108 dramatically inhibited the survival of various cancers. Notably, TNFα activation of NF-κB was totally impaired after GPR108 knockout. We identified gambogic acid (GA), a natural prenylated xanthone, selectively targeting GPR108. Importantly, GA engaged with GPR108 and promoted its degradation, knockout of GPR108 remarkably blocked GA inhibition of NF-κB signaling. Furthermore, in vitro and in vivo assays demonstrated that GA was dependent on GPR108 to exert anti-cancer activity. Overall, our findings supported GPR108 as a promising therapeutic target of cancer, and provided a small molecule inhibitor GA directly and selectively targeting GPR108 for cancer therapy."

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