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  • GPCRs in Pharmacology

    The curriculum is divided into four modules, each focusing on essential aspects of pharmacological principles

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  • Ep 33 with Dr. David E. Gloriam

    David E. Gloriam About this episode David Gloriam is a Professor in Computational Receptor Biology at the University Gloriam is a corresponding member of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Pharmacology Join me a learn more about David’s work, his career trajectory, and GPCRdb. Dr. David E. Gloriam on the web LinkedIn ResearchGate Twitter Google Scholar Computation Receptor Biology- Gloriam

  • Ep 123 with Dr. Lukas Grätz

    Lukas Grätz "After a BSc in biology and a MSc in bioinformatics, I have been working in David Gloriam's

  • Ep 38 with Dr. Alexander S. Hauser

    During his Ph.D. with David Gloriam at the Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology in Copenhagen,

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