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Dr. GPCR Newsletter June, 2022

Hello Readers, I hope you are well. This month our newsletter is 2 years old. So far we've collected and categorized over 2000 peer-reviewed publications and hit over 1200 inboxes each month. Thank you for your continued support! We are excited to share that the Dr. GPCR Ecosystem 2.0 platform is now open. Join dozens of your colleagues who are already site members and start exploring your new GPCR digital playground today! Please move ahead and sign-up directly here. If you have any issues with the new site, please let us know as soon as possible using this form. As a way to remember Dr. Caron, we'd like to invite you to share your memories of him and how he's impacted you and the field here. So far we've received a few submissions and we plan on leaving the form open for the upcoming weeks. We will be compiling your responses and sharing them with you.

Now let's dive into this month's news:

  • 2nd Transatlantic ECR GPCR Meeting: Mark your calendars, it's just around the corner, July 6 and 7th, 2022. We are thrilled to sponsor the second edition of this fantastic meeting aimed to promote the collaboration of Early Career Investigators in the GPCR field as well as the exchange of experience between ECIs and more senior researchers.

  • Dr. GPCR at the Great Lakes GPCR Retreat: We are happy to announce that Dr. GPCR is collaborating with the organizers of the GPCR Retreat 2023, which will be held in October 2023 in Quebec. Stay tuned as the dates, location, and the line-up of speakers will be announced in the upcoming months.  We'd like to thank the organizers for the great 2022 meeting! We've had a blast listening to the talks, giving the talk, and chatting at the posters. You can check out our poster here!

  • Dr. GPCR Virtual Cafe: Next on the Virtual Cafe is Dr. Sai Prasad Pydi.  Make sure that you mark your calendar for June 30th at 12 pm EST to hear more about '' the canonical and non-canonical function of β-arrestins in adipose tissue metabolism''. Please note that starting in June 2022, the Virtual Cafe will start at 12 pm EST.  Tickets are now available for both events. Reserve yours today. Seats are limited.

  • Dr. GPCR Podcast: We are proud to bring you episode 80 of the podcast this week with Dr. Andrew Tobin.  In case you missed it, these past weeks, we've spoken to Steve McCloskey, CEO of Nanome about their virtual reality software for drug discovery, molecular modeling, and rational protein design. We've also had a great time chatting with Dr. Martin Audet, and Dr. Graeme Milligan, and had a fantastic conversation with Dr. Stuart Maudsley about how success is measured in academia.  We will be taking a break in July and have picked 4 throwback episodes for you to revisit in July. We will see you in August with brand new episodes. Are you going to be our next podcast guest? Scientists at all levels are welcome! Schedule your podcast episode recording here

  • Dr. GPCR Summit Survey:  Mark your calendar, the 3rd edition of the Dr. GPCR Summit will be held between October 10th and 16th. Help us organize the next Dr. GPCR Summit 2022 for you! Please take a moment to fill out the Summit Survey today! The 2021 Summit talks are now available to view on our YouTube Channel. Don't forget to subscribe!


1. Interesting papers published in May 2022

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1.2 Structural and molecular insights into GPCR function

1.3 GPCRs in Oncology and Immunology

1.4 GPCRs in Cardiology and Endocrinology

1.5 GPCRs in Neuroscience

1.6 Methods & Updates in GPCR Research

1.7 GPCR Binders, Drugs, and More

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