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Dr. GPCR Newsletter June, 2023

Hello Readers,

Welcome to our monthly Dr. GPCR Newsletter!

We had a fantastic time at the Molecular Pharmacology Gordon Research Seminar and Gordon Research Conference. It was great to meet old colleagues and new ones in person. Thank you again to Drs. Nicole Perry-Hauser, Brian Bender, Martine Smit, and Andrew Tobin.

This month we couldn’t record a video edition of the news. We’ll be back next month. Let's dive into the news. 

Dr. GPCR Symposia 2023

What are you doing Friday, July 21st? Mark your calendars for our next Dr. GPCR Symposium on Structural and Molecular Insights on GPCR Activation

We’ve decided to make this event a trainee day event, including a career panel! Our speakers include Alexei Sirbu, Drs. Katarina Nemec, Polina Isaikina and Brian Arey.

We set aside 2 hours for poster presentation and networking on a new virtual space called Kumospace. We are looking for poster presenters; please fill out the poster submission form. Everyone is welcome to present their work. Please note that you will have to submit a 1-minute abstract video.

Please visit the event page for more information. Just click on the Zoom logo on the event page to join the talks. To join the poster/networking session, click on the Kumospace logo.

Please arrive 5 mins ahead of time on Zoom; make sure your full name is spelled out and that you have a profile picture so that attendees can recognize you.

The symposium is free, but you must be a Dr. GPCR Ecosystem member, which is also free!

Dr. GPCR Podcast

Our next podcast guests are Dr. David Sykes and soon-to-be Drs. Taniskha S. Saraf, Brendan Wilkins, and Yao Lu (Jackie).

As a premium Dr. GPCR Ecosystem member, you can always watch the video recordings of these episodes before they get released to the general public on podcasting platforms. You won’t have to wait weeks for the recordings to be available.

Dr. GPCR Ecosystem membership

To explore what the Ecosystem offers, we recommend you sign-up for free site membership and use the footer to navigate and get acquainted with your virtual playground. 

If you’d like to register your lab/team or live in a developing country, please reach out, and we will help you join us at a special price.

Ecosystem Partners

We thank Domain Therapeutics, GPCR Therapeutics, Design Pharmaceuticals, Montana Molecular, and Orion Biotechnology for supporting Dr. GPCR Ecosystem this year. If your organization would like to become a partner, contact us here.