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About Kathleen M. Caron

Kathleen M. Caron, Ph.D. is the Frederik L. Eldridge Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell Biology & Physiology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—a large, interdisciplinary basic science department currently ranked 1st in the Nation in NIH funding.

Dr. Caron received a BS in Biology and BA in Philosophy at Emory University and a PhD at Duke University while training with Dr. Keith Parker to elucidate the role of steroidogenesis in regulating sexual determination and adrenal and gonadal development using genetic mouse models.

She pursued postdoctoral training with Nobel Laureate Dr. Oliver Smithies at UNC-CH, where she was the first to discover the essential role of adrenomedullin peptide for embryonic survival. With a special emphasis on G protein coupled receptors and receptor activity modifying proteins in vascular biology, the Caron laboratory has gained valuable insights into the genetic basis and pathophysiology of lymphatic vascular disease, preeclampsia and sex-dependent cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Caron has received numerous awards including a Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Award in the Biomedical Sciences, an Established Investigator Award and an Innovator Award from the American Heart Association, a Jefferson Pilot Award in Biomedical Sciences and a UNC-CH Mentoring Award.

She currently serves as Associate Editor of Physiological Reviews; the #1 ranked journal in Physiology (IF 46.5). Dr. Caron is also past Associate Editor at JCI and served as the inaugural Associate Editor at ACS-Pharmacology and Translational Science.

Dr. Caron currently holds multiple scientific advisory roles in academia, industry and the National Institutes of Health.

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