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Dr. Amynah Pradhan

About this episode

In this episode of the Dr. GPCR podcast, we meet with Dr. Amynah Pradhan. She is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Amynah did her undergrad research measuring IP3 in airway smooth muscle cells and completed a Ph.D. at McGill University in Canada with Dr. Paul Clarck, where she studied opioid receptors. Her next career step took her to AstraZeneca as a postdoctoral trainee, where she studied animal models of pain and sensory neuron sensitive-receptor.

She then returned to academia and worked on opioids as a postdoctoral trainee with Dr. Brigitte Kieffer, where she studied ligand-directed signaling at the delta-opioid receptor. Her career path-defining moment came from a third postdoctoral experience with Dr. Chris Evans at UCLA. Amynah studied how arrestins regulate ligand-directed signaling at delta-opioid receptors, and it is their collaboration with a headache physician-scientist Dr. Andrew Charles that who specialized in animal models of migraine and delta-opioid receptors as a therapeutic target to treat headache.

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