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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Dr. Brian Arey

About this episode

Brian Arey is Senior Director of Mechanistic Pharmacology within Leads Discovery and Optimization at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. in Lawrenceville, NJ.

He obtained both his MS and Ph.D. in Neuroendocrine Physiology at Florida State University before completing his postdoctoral training at Northwestern University. He then moved to work in the pharmaceutical industry where he has held positions of increasing responsibility. He currently leads a team that provides a mechanistic understanding of small molecule drug candidates across the entire portfolio of BMS. Brian has contributed to the discovery or development of 5 marketed drugs through his work spanning molecular, biochemical, cellular, and in vivo assessment of drug candidates in many different physiological systems.

Dr. Arey’s laboratory discovered the first described synthetic agonists and antagonists of the FSHR and has been an early champion of signaling bias as a physiological mechanism of gonadotropin action. He continues to pioneer in drug discovery studying GPCRs and other target classes. His recently published book on signaling bias, Biased Signaling in Physiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics is available on Amazon.

I sat down with Brian to chat about GPCRs, working in the industry, and being a leader. This is part 1 of our conversation.

Dr. Brian Arey on the web

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