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Dr. Ralf Jockers

About Dr. Ralf Jockers

Ralf Jockers studied in Cologne and received a Ph.D. in biotechnology and biochemistry from the University of Braunschweig, Germany. For postdoctoral training, he joined the laboratory of Dr. Strosberg AD in France, where he worked on the regulation of ß-adrenergic receptors. He is the Research director at INSERM with a specific interest in G protein-coupled receptors by developing original BRET and TR-FRET assays. His laboratory is currently located at the Institute Cochin – Inserm (Paris, France). His laboratory was among the first to demonstrate the oligomerization of GPCRs. He showed the formation of melatonin receptor heteromers in vitro and in vivo and their importance in retinal physiology. He established the concept of ligand-independent functions of orphan receptors in heterodimers with other GPCRs. He discovered multiple rare and loss-of-function variants of the MT2 melatonin receptors that are associated with type 2 diabetes (TD2) development. Many MT2 variants are biased and their defects are signaling pathway-specific opening new perspectives for T2D treatment and precision medicine. His lab was among the first to discover mitochondrial functions of GPCRs. He was the director of the French network of GPCRs (GDR-3545), currently directs the International Research Network (IRN) i-GPCRnet of the CNRS, is chair of IUPHAR « Melatonin receptor » sub-committee, Editor-in-Chief of « Frontiers in Cellular Endocrinology » and AE of « J Pineal Research”. He is a highly cited researcher – 2019 and 2020 identified by Clarivate Web of Science ™.

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