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First in Human: Early-stage COVID therapies hold promise against omicron variant

December 2021

"Early-stage studies of COVID-19 treatments from the likes of Vir Biotechnology Inc. and Trevena Inc. could offer potential new weapons against omicron and future viral variants.

The omicron strain of the virus was first identified in South Africa in early November, and an existing treatment has already shown positive results in the lab. While vaccine-makers race to test their shots against the variant, the monoclonal antibody sotrovimab from Vir and partner GlaxoSmithKline PLC posted results Dec. 7 demonstrating activity against the omicron spike protein.

Sotrovimab is the first monoclonal antibody showing preclinical efficacy against all COVID-19 variants, including the delta and omicron mutations, Vir CEO George Scangos said on a Dec. 7 call with analysts." Read more at the source

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