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Dr. GPCR VideoCast

Dr. Nyla Naim, Dr. Michael Lemieux & Dr. Jason Nasse

About Dr. Nyla Naim

Nyla is a Senior Scientist on the Scientific Support Team at Addgene. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh and continued her postdoctoral research at the University of Vermont studying cellular signaling, biosensors, and optogenetics. Nyla supports biomedical research by connecting researchers with resources and promoting reproducible science.

Dr. Nyla Naim on the web

About Dr. Michael Lemieux

''My name is Michael (Mike) Lemieux and I am a Connecticut native. I completed my Ph.D. in molecular and cell biology at UConn and then joined Addgene as a Quality Control Scientist in 2015. Since then I transitioned into a Scientific Support role to leverage my passion for helping people! Beyond my interest in science, I am a strong advocate for graduate education reform and I love to write.''

Dr. Michael Lemieux on the web

About Dr. Jason Nasse

Dr. Jason Nasse is a senior scientist at Addgene specializing in the use of AAV viral vectors. He obtained his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Ohio State University focusing on synaptic plasticity and adrenergic receptor modulation of both pre-and postsynaptic properties. By taking a very non-traditional path to obtain a Ph.D. Dr. Nasse has had the opportunity to experience how science is performed across different sectors and around the country. Prior to his role at Addgene, Jason held roles in academia, big pharma, and non-profit research organizations.

Dr. Jason Nasse on the web

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