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Logo Contest

Introducing the GPCR Retreat Logo Contest

In anticipation of the next GPCR Retreat, we are delighted to announce the GPCR Retreat Logo Contest. This competition invites creative minds to make a captivating logo representing the essence of GPCR research, collaboration, and scientific excellence.

This contest is a unique opportunity to visually encapsulate the importance and impact of GPCRs in a single iconic symbol. GPCRs play critical roles in many physiological processes, making them a focal point of scientific research with implications for human health and disease.

The logo should embody the multifaceted nature of GPCRs, showcasing their complexity, versatility, and potential for therapeutic interventions. Entrants are encouraged to incorporate material that reflects the diverse fields of study encompassing GPCR research, such as biochemistry, pharmacology, structural biology, and translational medicine.

The organizers, including the GPCR retreat founders Dr. Stephen Ferguson and Dr. Richard Leduc, will carefully evaluate each submission based on originality, visual appeal, conceptual clarity, and ability to evoke a sense of scientific curiosity and importance. All attendees will then vote on the top-ranked logos at the meeting.

The winning logo designer will receive well-deserved recognition and a cash prize of $250.

Their artwork will become the official logo of the GPCR Retreat, featuring prominently on conference materials, websites, and promotional items. Submit your logo and become an integral part of the GPCR Retreat, leaving an indelible mark on our scientific community.

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