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GPCR Retreat Program

Thursday, November 2nd / 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM



Thursday, November 2nd / 1:30 PM


Welcome Remarks

Thursday, November 2nd / 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM


Trainee Symposium I - 4 Speakers

TBD selected from abstracts

Thursday, November 2nd / 2:45 PM


Coffee Break 1

Thursday, November 2nd / 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Trainee Symposium II - 4 Speakers

TBD selected from abstracts

Thursday, November 2nd / 4:00 PM


Coffee Break 2

Thursday, November 2nd / 4:30 PM


"Have a nice weekend, and I'll see you tomorrow!": RAMP-interacting GPCR Pathways

Inaugural Marc G. Caron Keynote Lecture

Kathleen M. Caron

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Thursday, November 2nd / 5:30 PM


Welcome Reception and Poster Session 1

Thursday, November 2nd / 8:00 PM


Dinner 1

Friday, November 3rd / 7:30 AM


Breakfast 1

Friday, November 3rd / 8:30 AM


My Dopamine Path to Post-Stroke Recovery: A Proof of Concept Study

Mario Tiberi

Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Friday, November 3rd / 8:55 AM


A journey from Duke to McGill along the dopamine circuit

Bruno Giros

McGill University

Friday, November 3rd / 9:20 AM


Cannabinoid compounds to augment L-DOPA treatment in Parkinson's Disease

Ali Salahpour

University of Toronto

Friday, November 3rd / 9:45 AM


Pharmacological and Genetic Preclinical Models of Ghrelin Receptor Functional Selectivity to Investigate Metabolic Disease Pathophysiology

Joshua Gross

Duke University Medical Center

Friday, November 3rd / 10:25 AM


Coffee Break 3

Friday, November 3rd / 10:40 AM


Regulation and role of mitochondria delta opioid receptors

Louis Gendron

Université de Sherbrooke

Friday, November 3rd / 11:05 AM


Biased agonism at the GLP-1 receptor: from structure to animal models of disease

Patrick Sexton

Monash University

Friday, November 3rd / 11:30 AM


Complex Allosteric Cannabinoid Receptor Pharmacology

Robert Laprairie

University of Saskatchewan

Friday, November 3rd / 11:55 AM


GPCR Structure & Signaling Symposium I - Poster Talk

TBD Poster Talk #1 selected from abstracts

Friday, November 3rd / 12:10 PM


Lunch 1

Friday, November 3rd / 1:30 PM


Interaction with the cell adhesion molecule NEGR1 affects mGluR5 cell signalling

Fabiola Ribeiro

Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Friday, November 3rd / 1:55 PM


Optical studies of GPCR-mediated neuromodulation of prefrontal circuits

Josh Levitz

Weill Cornell Medicine

Friday, November 3rd / 2:10 PM


GPCRs & Neuroscience Symposium - Poster

TBD Poster Selected Talk #2 selected from abstracts

Friday, November 3rd / 2:45 PM


Removing the GPCR-mediated brake on exocytosis enhances insulin action, promotes adipocyte browning, and protects against diet-induced obesity

Heidi Hamm

Vanderbilt University

Friday, November 3rd / 3:00 PM


Coffee Break 4

Friday, November 3rd / 3:30 PM


G Proteins and GPCRs in Cancer: Novel Precision Targeted and Immunotherapies

J. Silvio Gutkind

UC San Diego

Friday, November 3rd / 3:55 PM


GPCRs & Cancer Symposium - Robert Rottapel

Robert Rottapel

University of Toronto

Friday, November 3rd / 4:20 PM


GPCRs & Cancer Symposium - Poster

TBD Poster Selected Talk #3 selected from abstracts

Friday, November 3rd / 4:35 PM


Targeting adenosine signaling for immuno-oncology

John Stagg

CHUM, Université de Montréal

Friday, November 3rd / 5:00 PM


Poster Session #2

Friday, November 3rd / 7:00 PM


Dinner 2

Friday, November 3rd / 9:30 PM


Board Meeting

To discuss the next GPCR Retreat

All PIs welcome

Saturday, November 4th / 7:30 AM


Breakfast 2

Saturday, November 4th / 8:15 AM


Can novel structures of 7TM ancestors reveal a missing link to GPCR signaling pathways?

Moran Shalev Benami

Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Saturday, November 4th / 8:40 AM


Biochemical Mechanisms Underlying Location Bias in GPCR Signaling

Sudarshan Rajagopal

Duke University Medical Center

Saturday, November 4th / 9:05 AM


Structure-based discovery of functionally selective 5-HT1A receptor agonists

Peter Gmeiner

Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

Saturday, November 4th / 9:30 AM


GPCR Structure and Signaling Symposium II - Tracy Handel

Tracy Handel

UC San Diego

Saturday, November 4th / 9:55 AM


Coffee Break 5

Saturday, November 4th / 10:10 AM


Using food perception and bioamine signaling networks to slow aging

Scott Leiser

University of Michigan

Saturday, November 4th / 10:35 AM


GPCR signaling pathways regulating glucagon release from pancreatic alpha cells

Jürgen Wess


Saturday, November 4th / 11:00 AM


Hubert Van Tol Symposium (Animal Models/Physiology) - Amy Ramsey

Amy Ramsey

University of Toronto

Saturday, November 4th / 11:30 AM


Hallmarks of GPCR Allostery: Structure, Function and Beyond

Hyman B. Niznik Keynote Lecture

Arthur Christopoulos

Monash University

Saturday, November 4th / 12:30 PM


Closing Remarks. Lunch and farewell

Great Lakes GPCR Retreat and Club des Récepteurs à Sept Domaines Transmembranaires du Québec

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