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GPCR Retreat Program

Trainee Symposium I

Trainee Symposium I

Date & Time

Thursday, November 2nd / 1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Title: Virion Display to Discover a Novel Ligand of the Orphan GPCR GPRC5B and its Role in Obesity

About Eric Johansen

"I will be a 6th year Ph.D student in the chemical biology interface program at Johns Hopkins University. My project is investigating a new protein ligand for a GPCR and its potential role in obesity. My interests in research are primarily directed towards methods that study GPCRs and GPCR signaling, as well as drug discovery and design."

Eric Johansen on the web


Title: Modeling Cardiac Fibrosis in a Dish: Combining hIPSC-Derived Fibroblasts and FRET Biosensors to Unravel GPCR-Mediated Cardiac Fibrosis Activation in Dilated Cardiomyopathy

About Grace Mazarura

"I am a graduate student in the Hébert Lab. In my current research project I use iPSC-derived cardiac fibroblasts to examine cellular signaling in the fibrotic response, a key driver of dilated cardiomyopathy."

Grace Mazarura on the web


Title: Characterization of Novel Opioid-Neurotensin Bifunctional Ligands

Designed to Target Pain Management

About Émile Breault

"Emile Breault is undertaking his master's degree in pharmacology at the university of Sherbrooke under the supervision of Prof. Sarret. He recently received his BSc in pharmacology from the University of Sherbrooke in 2023. During his graduate studies, Emile is interested in characterizing novel G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) ligands for the treatment of chronic pain but also in deciphering cellular signaling pathways associated with the physiological effects observed in vivo of such GPCRs."

Émile Breault on the web


Title: Synapse-Associated Protein 102 and Post-Synaptic Density 95 Differentially Shape Dopamine D1 Receptor Signaling

About Bassam Albraidy

"My thesis focus on studying the interaction of dopamine D1 receptors scaffolding proteins synapse-associated protein 102 and post-synaptic density 95, and the impact of these complexes in D1R-mediated signaling and trafficking mechanisms."

Bassam Albraidy on the web

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