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Single-molecule counting applied to the study of GPCR oligomerization

October 2022

"Single-molecule counting techniques enable a precise determination of the intracellular abundance and stoichiometry of proteins and macromolecular complexes. These details are often challenging to quantitatively assess yet are essential for our understanding of cellular function. Consider G-protein-coupled receptors-an expansive class of transmembrane signaling proteins that participate in many vital physiological functions making them a popular target for drug development. While early evidence for the role of oligomerization in receptor signaling came from ensemble biochemical and biophysical assays, innovations in single-molecule measurements are now driving a paradigm shift in our understanding of its relevance. Here, we review recent developments in single-molecule counting with a focus on photobleaching step counting and the emerging technique of quantitative single-molecule localization microscopy-with a particular emphasis on the potential for these techniques to advance our understanding of the role of oligomerization in G-protein-coupled receptor signaling."

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