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  • New Resources in GPCRdb

    This time, the GPCRdb team ( Dr. David Gloriam , Dr. Albert Kooistra & Gáspár Pándy-Szekeres ) will present and demonstrate the newest resources of the GPCRdb your spot for free at: #GPCR #GPCRs #DrGPCR #GPCRdb

  • GBCRdb for beginners

    Join us for a fantastic introduction to GPCRdb with Dr. David Gloriam and Dr. Albert Kooistra.

  • From DNA day to GPCR genomics

    The genetic variation in GPCRs is extensive; databases like GPCRdb provide a large database of genetic

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  • Ep 33 with Dr. David E. Gloriam

    His group runs the GPCRdb database where ~4,000 researchers each month retrieve reference data and access Join me a learn more about David’s work, his career trajectory, and GPCRdb. Dr. David E. on the web LinkedIn ResearchGate Twitter Google Scholar Computation Receptor Biology- Gloriam Group GPCRdb

  • Ep 123 with Dr. Lukas Grätz

    As a developer, and more recently the lead developer of GPCRdb my day-to-day work centers around the maintenance and resource/tool development of GPCRdb and its sister databases.

  • 22-08 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    will host a workshop on how to preserve data integrity in the lab, and this year we welcome back the GPCRdb

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