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  • Ep 33 with Dr. David E. Gloriam

    2018 he joined the University of Copenhagen, where he has received an ERC Starting Grant, Lundbeck Foundation Fellowship, and Novo Nordisk Foundation Ascending Investigator awards.

  • Ep 21 with Dr. Maria Waldhoer

    After working in the US and at the University in Graz in Austria, Maria worked several years at Novo Nordisk before joining InterAx Biotech in Switzerland as their Chief Scientific Officer.

  • Ep 153 with Dr Jacek Mokrosiński

    Jacek Mokrosiński "Jacek is a Senior Scientist at Novo Nordisk specializing in molecular pharmacology Since 2021, Jacek has been working at Novo Nordisk at its research sites in the UK (Oxford) and the US Jacek shared his experience of working with Piketa and how he found a job in Seda's lab at Cambridge,

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