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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Exploring Career Paths in GPCR Research with Dr. Jacek Mokrosiński

About Dr. Jacek Mokrosiński

"Jacek is a Senior Scientist at Novo Nordisk specializing in molecular pharmacology and cell-based screening technologies. He works in a multidisciplinary Chemical Biology team based at the recently established US R&D hub in Lexington, MA.

Originally from Łódź, Poland, Jacek completed his Master's degree in Biology, specializing in Biochemistry at the University of Łódź. He then moved to Denmark, where he trained at the University of Copenhagen under supervision of Professor Thue W. Schwartz, and worked closely with Dr Birgitte Holst studying structural and mechanistic properties of ghrelin receptor and GPCRs involved in regulation of metabolism.

After completing his Ph.D., he pursued research in genetics of metabolic regulation at the Institute of Metabolic Science - Metabolic Research Laboratories at the University of Cambridge in the team led by Professor I. Sadaf Farooqi. His research aimed at understanding molecular mechanism through which rare genetic variation may lead to or protecting from excessive body weight gain. As part of Farooqi's team, he characterized a series of novel human genetic variants identified in several GPCRs associated with obesity and other metabolic diseases, including GPR10, Melanocortin 4, Serotonin 2C and TRH receptors.

Since 2021, Jacek has been working at Novo Nordisk at its research sites in the UK (Oxford) and the US (Indianapolis, Indiana and most recently Lexington, Massachusetts). He is passionate about cell-based in vitro technologies to study mechanistic properties of GPCRs and understanding the dynamics of receptor signalling. He is an avid proponent of close collaboration between industry and academia."

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Quick Recap

Yamina and Jacek discussed their experiences with name mispronunciations, cultural differences, and the importance of a multidisciplinary approach in drug development. They also shared their career journeys, emphasizing the value of being open-minded, proactive, and embracing new opportunities. Lastly, they discussed their research interests, particularly in the field of GPCR, and the importance of method development, integrity, and honesty in scientific research.

Next Steps

  • Jacek will collaborate with Alex Romeo on a podcast about transitioning to the industry.

  • In future talks and interviews, Jacek will share his stories and advice about GPCRs.

  • Yamina will schedule a future talk with Jacek about GPCRs as therapeutic modalities.


Embracing Cultural Differences and Collaboration

Yamina and Jacek shared their experiences with name mispronunciations and variations and discussed the importance of embracing cultural differences. They also discussed their professional backgrounds, highlighting the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach in drug development and the importance of collaboration between academia and industry. They talked about their shared passion for advancing science and improving patient outcomes, and their early interests in science and chemistry. They also shared their appreciation for documentaries showcasing manufacturing processes and the value of true experimentation in scientific research.

Jacek's Career Journey and Advice

Jacek and Yamina discussed Jacek's career journey, focusing on his experiences, challenges, and lessons learned. Jacek highlighted the importance of being open-minded and proactive, emphasizing that he learned by doing rather than taking specific courses. He also underscored the role of the people around him, expressing gratitude for their guidance and support. His advice was to be ready for changes and to embrace opportunities as they arise. Jacek's career path, which led him from Poland to Denmark and then to the US, exemplified his advice in action.

Passion for Science and Career Journeys

Yamina and Jacek discussed their passion for science and how it led them to their current careers. Jacek shared his experience of working with Piketa and how he found a job in Seda's lab at Cambridge, where he could immediately contribute due to his technical skills. Yamina agreed with Jacek's sentiments and spoke about her own journey, expressing her happiness in discussing science and reading papers. They emphasized the importance of finding a job that aligns with one's interests and strengths and being open to opportunities. They also highlighted the need for a work-life balance and the joy of a well-done job.

Embracing Networking for Professional Growth

Jacek and Yamina discussed the importance of building a network and being open to new opportunities. Jacek realized that being introverted doesn't mean he can't benefit from networking and interaction with others. He also highlighted the benefits of attending conferences and engaging with colleagues, sharing examples of how such interactions led to collaborations and new opportunities. Yamina agreed, emphasizing the importance of mental preparation and embracing different social situations, both virtual and in-person. They underscored the value of these interactions for professional growth and encouraged others to adopt a proactive approach to networking.

Building Professional Connections Strategies

Yamina and Jacek discussed the importance of building professional connections and strategies for introducing oneself to potential contacts. They emphasized the need to be mindful of the other person's time, provide clear explanations for the purpose of the connection, and offer something of value in return. They also highlighted the advantages of using LinkedIn as a tool for networking and the significance of personalizing messages to make a lasting impression.

GPCR Research Interests and Collaborations

Yamina and Jacek had a deep and engaging discussion about their research interests and achievements, particularly in the field of GPCR. Jacek shared his fascination with the growth hormone secretion receptor and the melanocortin 4 receptor, and their roles in regulating body weight and growth. Yamina, in turn, talked about her work on melanocortin receptors and an upcoming collaboration with a postdoc scientist. They also highlighted the importance of method development, integrity, and honesty in scientific research. The discussion revealed their interest in GPCRs as therapeutic modalities and possible future collaborations.

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