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    Start off your program by giving some basic information about what participants can expect to learn. what they hope to take away from the experience, or a quiz to test their understanding before getting started

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  • Ep 101 with Dr Caron Tribute Part 2

    Stuart Maudsley (1997) Dr. Richard Premont (1993) Dr.

  • 23-04 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Pandy-Szekeres Ilana Kotliar Nicolas Gilles Shivani Sachdev Etienne Billard Sudha Shenoy Paul Gasser Stuart Maudsley Kaavya Krishna Kumar We have set aside 2 hours for poster presentation and networking on Hopin

  • 21-06 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Stuart Maudsley . Dr. Industry news Gene therapy start-up Vedere Bio II launches to treat blindness. that the third novel drug candidate from its multi-target drug discovery collaboration with Pfizer has started

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