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Dr. GPCR Newsletter February 2024

Dear Readers,

Welcome to our monthly Dr. GPCR Newsletter!

Let’s dive into the news.

Dr. GPCR University

This month, we successfully hosted our first Dr. GPCR University class led by Dr. Terry Kenakin on Applying Pharmacology to Drug Discovery.

The course reached full capacity quickly, and engagement has been amazing. As a consequence, we will be running this course again later this year. Join the waiting list today, and you’ll be the first to know when the course and registrations start.

We are already working hard to bring you more courses. The next one is planned for May 2024, with Dr. Sam Hoare as our instructor. You’ll learn how to analyze your data like a pro with Dr. Hoare.

Dr. GPCR Symposia 2024

We are looking for three speakers and would like to offer early career scientists the opportunity to present their work and join us on March 15th. Please email us at if you’d like to give a talk.

Get ready and mark your calendars on March 15th for our first event entitled GPCR Activation and Signaling. The confirmed speakers include Drs.:

We will also have a poster session in breakout rooms on Zoom; if you are interested in sharing your work with our community, kindly fill out this form

Our next symposiums:

  • June 07th - Structural and Molecular Insights in GPCR Function

  • October 11th - GPCRs as Therapeutic Modalities

Additionally, if you participated in our Symposia in 2023, please take a moment to fill out this survey.

Dr. GPCR Podcast

Join us every Thursday for a new podcast episode release! This month marks the 4th year since we recorded our first podcast episode with Dr. Paul Insel.

Up next, we have Drs. Davide Calebiro and Aurelien Rizk. Don’t miss the episodes we released this month featuring Drs. Alix Rouault, Tobi Langenhan and Claudia Stäubert.

Episode #150 is right around the corner, and we're gearing up for something special to celebrate! Stay tuned for exciting surprises and exclusive content as we mark this milestone in our journey.

Dr. GPCR Ecosystem Membership

Are you aware of the monthly payment alternative available for Dr. GPCR’s Premium Memberships? Renew your Dr. GPCR membership for 2024, or get access all year with a discount! Don’t miss out on all the benefits you can get from the GPCR industry.

If you’re from a developing country or facing financial hardships, please reach out to us at for a 90% discount on our premium membership.

If you’re interested in enrolling your team, don’t hesitate to contact us at the same email address for more details.

Dr. GPCR Jobs

Seeking for new talent to join your company? Exploring job opportunities? Looking for new opportunities?

If you’re struggling to find the perfect match, check out Dr. GPCR Jobs!

Connect with our Chief Matchmaker, Mark Schmeizl, through this form, who can efficiently save you time by identifying the perfect solution for your requirements. Mark specializes in crafting ideal matches between companies and talented individuals, ensuring a seamless fit for both candidates and employers. Whether you're on the lookout for a new challenge or contemplating a career change, Mark's expertise can steer you toward exciting opportunities in your desired field.