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Dr. GPCR Podcast

Dr. Rosie Dawaliby

About Dr. Rosie Dawaliby

"I’m an expert in early-stage drug discovery, targeting membrane proteins, especially GPCR. I have 10 years of experience in the development and management of R&D projects and teams in the field of pharmacology, in prestigious academic laboratories as well as in biopharmaceutical companies in Europe and the United States. I hold a Ph.D. in Life Sciences from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Department of Biochemistry (2005-2009), where I started working on membranes and membrane protein biochemistry by studying membrane fusion and autophagy in yeast and mammalian cells.

I have developed my expertise in the field of pharmacology and biochemistry of GPCR and the crucial role of the lipidic environment on their structure and function during my post-doctoral work (2010-2015). This joint project between prof. Brian Kobilka's lab at Stanford University and the SFMB laboratory at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) resulted in the first systematic study of phospholipid's effect on GPCR conformation and function.

In 2016, I joined a company that specialized in therapeutic candidate discovery targeting GPCR (Confo Therapeutics) as a team and project leader for antibody discovery for metabolic and inflammatory diseases.

I developed G.CLIPS biotech's innovative technology as a synthesis of the different knowledge, experiences, and know-how from the different stages of my career. Before founding G.CLIPS biotech in June 2020. And since then, my incredible adventure as CEO of this fast-growing company started and is continuing."

Dr. Rosie Dawaliby on the web

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