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  • Quantifying the kinetics of GPCR signaling

    Join us and learn how to quantify your kinetic GPCR signaling from the expert himself: Dr. Samuel Hoare / Pharmechanics. Get your ticket now! #gpcr #drgpcr #virtualcafe

  • Dr. Adriano Marchese - Dr. GPCR Podcast

    Episode 56 of the Dr. GPCR podcast is now available! Our guest is Dr. Adriano Marchese! Listen where you get your podcasts #drgpcr #gpcr #podcast

  • Dr. Juan José Fung - Dr. GPCR Podcast

    The Dr. GPCR Podcast is back this week with a brand new episode. Our guest is none other than Dr.

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  • Ep 37 with Dr. Samuel Hoare

    Dr. GPCR Podcast << Back to podcast list Dr. Samuel Hoare About Dr. Samuel Hoare Sam completed his Ph.D. in biochemistry, studying allosteric modulation of dopamine receptors Hoare was a pharmacology leader in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years at Neurocrine Biosciences Dr. Samuel Hoare on the web Pharmechanics LLC LinkedIn Pubmed Google Scholar YouTube Dr. GPCR Member ResearchGate Dr.

  • Advanced data analysis for GPCR pharmacology

    Advanced data analysis for GPCR pharmacology Dr. Samuel Hoare ​ ​ Get started Premium Members benefits: - Subscribe and save 25% on every GPCR Course Every participant will also have a 1:1 meeting with Dr. Hoare during or after the four weeks, scheduled according to the professor's availability. Samuel Hoare Sam Hoare is a pharmacology data analyst with 30 years experience in GPCR pharmacology.

  • GPCR Courses

    The learning platform for the GPCR enthusiasm The Dr. GPCR Courses Dr. Pharmacology in Drug Discovery II Advanced Methods for the Optimization of Candidate Selection Details Dr Terry Kenakin Applying Pharmacology to Drug Discovery ​ Watch Dr. Samuel Hoare Advanced data analysis for GPCR pharmacology ​ Watch Premium Membership Sign up to watch

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