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  • Advanced data analysis for GPCR pharmacology

    Samuel Hoare Sam Hoare is a pharmacology data analyst with 30 years experience in GPCR pharmacology. Sam is an editor at the NIH Assay Guidance Manual. Sam specializes in kinetic analysis of drug action and is known for applying binding and signaling kinetics

  • Ep 01 with Dr. Paul Insel

    During dinner with colleagues and Alfred Gillman , co-recipient of the 1994 Nobel Prize in Physiology discovery of G-proteins and their role in signal transduction in cells, Paul was designated to go to Gillman

  • 24-04 Dr GPCR Newsletter

    Sam Hoare . Stay tuned for MAJOR news in May. Let’s dive into the news. Dr. Sam Hoare on Advanced data analysis for GPCR pharmacology, which will be held on Thursdays between May

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