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Addex Raises $10 Million In Equity Financing

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

December 2021

"Geneva, Switzerland, December 17, 2021 – Addex Therapeutics Ltd (SIX: ADXN and Nasdaq: ADXN), a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company pioneering allosteric modulation-based drug discovery and development, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Armistice Capital LLC, a healthcare-focused institutional investor, pursuant to which the Company agreed to sell 3,752,202 shares in the form of 625,367 American Depositary Shares (“ADSs”) at a gross purchase price of $6.50 per ADS, which is equivalent to CHF 1.00 per share.

Each ADS represents six shares. Additionally, Addex has agreed to issue to Armistice Capital unregistered warrants to purchase up to 9,230,772 shares in the form of 1,538,462 ADSs (the “Unregistered Warrants”), as well as unregistered pre-funded warrants to purchase up to 5,478,570 shares in the form of 913,095 ADSs (the “Unregistered Pre-Funded Warrants” and together with the Unregistered Warrants, the “Warrants”) in a concurrent private placement. The Unregistered Warrants have an exercise price of $6.50 per ADS, will become exercisable in 60 days after their date of issuance and will expire six years from their date of issuance. The Unregistered Pre-Funded Warrants have been funded to the amount of $6.49 with $0.01 payable on exercise."

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