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Arginine 125 Is an Essential Residue for the Function of MRAP2

September 2022

"MRAP2 is a small simple transmembrane protein arranged in a double antiparallel topology on the plasma membrane. It is expressed in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus, where it interacts with various G protein-coupled receptors, such as the prokineticin receptors, and regulates energy expenditure and appetite. The aim of this work was to analyze the functional role of the specific arginine residue at position 125 of MRAP2, which affects protein conformation, dimer formation, and PKR2 binding. Results obtained with the MRAP2 mutants R125H and R125C, which are found in human patients with extreme obesity, and mouse MRAP2, in which arginine 125 is normally replaced by histidine, were compared with those obtained with human MRAP2. Understanding the mechanism by which MRAP2 regulates G protein-coupled receptors helps in elucidating the metabolic pathways involved in metabolic dysfunction and in developing new drugs as specific targets of the MRAP2-PKR2 complex."

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